Crossing the Bridge – Party like it’s Istanbul! MEMO Music Hall 01 APRIL

Istanbul is famous for its music and its red hot parties. April the 1st, the MEMO Music Hall in St. Kilda will be a taste of the real thing, with performances by Melbourne band Bashka and Galata Express. There will be everything from traditional to the vanguard of Turkish music.

BASHKA is a collective which began in 2014 and is based in Melbourne and Istanbul. Their music draws on the past, bringing centuries old music to the present, combining ancient instruments with modern and framing it all with loops and samples.

Galata Express is Melbourne’s own Turkish Gypsy music ensemble playing popular gypsy songs from Turkey and around.

D-Jinn will be selecting the best party tunes from Istanbul to kick it off.

The night is sure to see plenty of dance-floor action so come prepared!.

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